NCHI is a non-profit, community development corporation that has been serving north Saint Louis City for 40 years. NCHI began as a housing department of Northside Youth and Senior Service Center in 1977 and in 2003 became an independent housing organization. In addition to owning and developing affordable housing, NCHI has been a key organization in providing support to youth programs, community gardens, and other community initiatives in north Saint Louis City.

Some of NCHI's most significant accomplishments to date include: 

  • Developed 301 new and rehab homes for community members and their families.

  • Stabilized 5 contiguous blocks east of North Sarah Street to create a 75 unit, single-family home subdivision in the historic Ville neighborhood of St. Louis City.

  • Launched the state of Missouri's first LIHTC lease-purchase homeownership program to which 40% of homes currently eligible for purchase have been sold.

  • Completed minor home repairs for 40 homeowners.

  • Provided administrative and fiscal support to collaborative community projects including the recreation of 11 vacant lots into community gardens, four annual neighborhood events, and two youth employment/entrepreneurship programs. 

The history of the neighborhoods in which NCHI primarily works is well known in St. Louis. The Ville and Greater Ville neighborhoods have been and continue to be home to many significant institutions such as Homer G. Phillips Hospital, Sumner High School, St. James AME Church, Antioch Baptist Church, Tandy Park and Community Center, and Turner Middle School. At its prime, the community was an enclave for working and middle-class African-American families who made significant contributions towards the growth of the city and their professional fields. Lifelong residents and newer residents alike regularly express how much they value the preservation of the community’s history as well as new opportunities for investment, development, and resident engagement.


The mission of Northside Community Housing, Inc. is to provide high quality housing that is affordable to low- and moderate-income area residents and to create opportunities for them to improve their lives and revitalize the community.


We believe in empowering residents and supporting families to enable them to build their personal assets. We believe that everyone should have opportunities that allow them to attain a sense of well-being and satisfaction in their lives. We value every person and family and strive to build an inclusive, diverse community where everyone is treated fairly. As a community organization, we value fiscal responsibility and accountability in our operations.

The Ville 

The Ville is a historic neighborhood located in Saint Louis, Missouri. The timeline displays the history of The Ville and NCHI's involvement in the neighborhood.